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Injectable Steroids

Steroids are generally taken by athletes who find that their workout results have plateaued. They may be finding it harder to gain muscle mass or improve their constitution, and are looking for alternative ways to ramp up to the next level. This is where steroids come in. However, if you’re new to the world of steroids then you may be feeling confused about which types are best, how to take them and what result you should expect to see. Your first step should therefore be to get informed.

About Injectable Steroids
Despite what you may be thinking, injectable steroids are actually the safest choice for beginner steroid users. Oral steroids tend to be more toxic and can result in more intense, negative side effects such as liver damage. It’s quite normal to feel uncomfortable about using a needle on yourself but providing you are safe and always use a sterile needle, it’s much safer than taking oral steroids.

Normal Dosage
When you’re starting out with steroids you should be prepared to take it slow. A normal first cycle would most likely see you taking 250mgs of testosterone every 5 days. This will allow you to see visible results in no more than a month. The low dose will ensure you experience minimal side effects, if any.

How to Inject Steroids
All injectable steroids must be shot directly into the muscle, instead of the vein or anywhere else. Popular sites include the thigh, gluteal muscle or deltoid region of the arm. You should make sure to place the needle deep into the muscle, away from blood vessels and nerves. To perform a proper injection you should make sure to clean the injection site and vial before use. Use a brand new needle every time. Follow the instructions you’ve been given with regards to drawing the steroid out of the vial and tapping it to release air bubbles. Make sure not to touch the needle before you perform the injection. Once you’ve pushed the needle in, drawing back the stopper will allow you to check whether you’ve placed it into a blood vessel or not. If not, slowly press the stopper down until the syringe is empty. Remember not to use the same site more than twice a week.

Finishing Your Cycle
It’s important to finish each steroid cycle in the right way, as this will allow you to keep your gains without experiencing any of the worst withdrawal symptoms. However, this isn’t to say you won’t experience any at all. Before you stop your cycle, make sure you have a Post Cycle Therapy plan in place. Keep your diet healthy and stay on top of your exercise. Stay hydrated and keep your protein high. You may choose to begin another cycle or you may choose to finish where you are. In either case, your physical and mental health should be your number one priority.