Top Smoothie Ideas for Diabetics

Although smoothies are considered healthy, research shows that some drinks are packed to the rafters with sugar. In fact, some smoothies contain as much sugar as two cans of Coke!

If you’re a diabetic, keeping your blood sugar levels on an even keel is critical to managing the condition, but does that mean smoothies are off the menu?

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Benefits of Nordic Walking

As an all-body exercise that comes loaded with health benefits, Nordic walking has been basking in the spotlight in recent times.

But what is Nordic walking exactly? It might seem like a fairly new breed of exercise in the UK, but it’s actually been around since the 1990s in Europe. Stemming from Finland, Nordic walking, which involves walking using special poles, started as a way to train for cross-country skiing during the summer months.

If you’ve never tried Nordic walking before, the many virtues of this exercise will convince you to give it a go.

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Simple exercises to do while watching TV

If you were planning on going to the gym, but the TV is keeping you glued to the couch, don’t feel too guilty. Instead, exercise while watching telly, and it’s a win-win: your body benefits, and you still get your TV fix.

Home exercise

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Get Intense with your Workouts

If you’re looking to switch your training up a gear or two, increasing intensity to your workouts is the way forward. But why should you do this and what’s the most effective way to go about it?

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How to create your own Workout Plan

If you can’t afford to employ a personal trainer, creating your own workout plan can be an effective way to get in shape and achieve your fitness goals. With a little insight, putting your plan together is easy, and will help to keep you firmly on track.

Workout Plan

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Have a Healthy Christmas

With so many consumable treats vying for our attention over Christmas, it’s easy to appreciate how this can become the unhealthiest time of year! Yet – believe it or not – you can still enjoy the festive season and all that it’s got to offer while remaining healthy. Here are some easy-to-action tips that everyone can follow for a healthy Christmas.

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Enjoy your fat burning lunch!

It’s common knowledge that exercise helps to burn fat, but what you eat also plays a vital role in shedding the pounds. While lots of foods will increase your fat stores, there are certain ingredients that can actually help you burn fat. Here are some fat-busting ingredients to include in your lunchtime repertoire.

Healthy food

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Stretches every lifter should consider

If achieving a sculpted physique is top of your agenda, you might be keen to make a beeline for the weights as soon as you enter the gym. But to ensure your muscles are ready and primed for action, pay attention to performing some stretches first.


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