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What is UGL steroids

UGL steroids are Under ground labs and there are many to consider and in all fairness mostly very poor quality. However there is some good news and that is we have the absolute best two UGL companies about and that is ROHM labs and ISIS pharmaceuticals.

I want to get ripped

The Million dollar question we get asked so frequently and i will answer it as honestly as possible. You need to be serious and show commitment and you also need to have a clean diet and train hard. You need to slowly taper off your carbohydrates weekly until you feel your losing body-fat and not hard earned muscle whilst keeping you protein high. You will require 5-6 medium paced cardio sessions per week, incline treadmill is my favorite with a slight gradient. And then to enhance your already well regimented training program think about using some classic compounds which will enhance your mass and make you appear dry and vascular, Masteron 100 ISIS and Winstrol Rohm tabs will help.

How do i know your legit and ship

We do appreciate and understand your concern, but that being said you will have to try us for yourselves to see we are the best online steroid store around. there is no minimum orders so if worried or haven't been referred by a already satisfied friend try a small order an go from there.

I am a novice and don't know what to buy

We have all been there at the start and its best to ask if you are unsure or worried. We are not Doctors so we can only advise based on our experiences but we will be honest. We can suggest an Oral steroids cycle or a Professional Contest ready Cutting cycle. Don't be afraid just ask!

What does PCT stands for ?

Post Course Therapy. The purpose of these products is to essentially re-balance your hormones as quickly and as naturally as possible post cycle to stop you losing all your hard earned mass because your natural testosterone production is sluggish and to help with loss of libido which to be honest is never a good thing in my book. in my opinion best hybrid product on the market for this is PCT ROHM tabs. take 4 per day for 30 days post cycle and they will have you feeling as good as new without losing 80% of your mass had you not addresses this and crashed.